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Kuopio Tourist Guides

See and expperience Kuopio together with local guide!

Wellcome to our site

Guided bus tours and walking tours available on order!

When you plan a visit to Kuopio and want to get more out of your jorney, contact us, Kuopio tourist Guides!


Explore Kuopio

If you have wishes regarding the tour route and places of interest to visit, we ask you to express any such wishes to us, or alternatively we will recommend you a route based on the time available. 


Kuopio Touris Guides prices 2024

Hour/ group/1 guide.

Prices are not including entering tikcets or bus fee.

Prices are valid for now and we reserves the right to the changes. Servise fee 10-40€

Booking at

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Cancellation conditions

The confirmed tour can be cancelled 48 hours before the tour with out charge.


If cancellation hapens later than 48h or at same day we charge full list price. 

Local guide services

Kuopio is beautiful city surrounded by lakes and nature. People here enjoy city life and privileges provided by the nature and beautiful lake Kallavesi.

Sightseeing tour with bus

2 hours

See beautiful city, green forests, and travel to island to island with bus. This tour will guide you to local attractions, lifestyle and environment. 

Great way to learn more about beutifull city of Kuopio

Price: starting from 161€ + 10€ service fee, price doesn't include bus.


Shightseeing tour with bus and visit at Puijo tower

2,5 hours

See beautiful city, green forests, and travel to island to island with buss. This tour will guide you to local attractions, lets you see local lifestyle and see local environment.

At the end of tour guide will take the group at top of Puijo tower where you can see the beaty of lakeland, over wiew of Kuopio city and the green gold that surrounds us Finns.

Price: starting from 183€ + 10€ service fee, the price doesn't include bus or the ticket at Puijo Tower.

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