Guided bus tours and walking tours available on order

When you plan a visit to Kuopio and want to get more out of your sojourn, contact us,
Kuopio Tourist Guides, to book one of our guides for your group’s bus tour or a walking tour. Please use the “Contact us” form on this website or send an e-mail to Our guides are authorised by the Federation of Finnish Tourist Guide Associations.

If you have wishes regarding the tour route and places of interest to visit, we ask you to express any such wishes to us, or alternatively we will recommend you a route based on the time available. For example, a two-hour bus tour can include central Kuopio and the beautiful Saaristokaupunki (“town of islands”) district plus a visit up the Puijo Tower. A downtown walking tour of 60 or 90 minutes can cover many of the main points of interest, including Kuopio Market Square, Market Hall and some significant buildings located by the market square, as well as the historic city centre, whose former site is currently occupied by Kuopio’s most prominent park, Snellmaninpuisto. The park is surrounded by a number of buildings that hold a special place in Kuopio’s history, such as the Kuopio Cathedral, inaugurated in 1816. A two-hour walking tour can also feature the passenger harbour by Lake Kallavesi.

Guiding fees 2022

On weekdays / On Sundays

1.5 hrs €120 / €205

2 hrs €145 / €250

2.5 hrs €165 / €290

3 hrs €190 / €330

3.5 hrs €215 / €375

4 hrs €240 / €420

4.5 hrs €265 / €465

5 hrs €290 / €510

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Booking fee €10